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[OI] Takahashi Tomoko by Tree-kun
[OI] Takahashi Tomoko
Battle Gear Full

Points: 270


Name: Takahashi, Tomoko
Age: 18
Birthday:  April 24
Voice: Utaite Kano 
Gender: Female
Height: 150cm | 4’11 
Weight: 43kg | 95lbs


Year: 3
Class: Uyra
Weapon: Bubble Wand (keeps it in a small charm bottle with soap mixture and chain) [REF]
Abilities/Weakness: Bubble Specialty

[ Bubble Seal ] Able to imprison something/ someone in a bubble. 

[ Bubble Blast ] When low density bubbles are popped, they release an explosion of air which can knock someone back. Strength of explosion relies on the size of the bubble. Average size (about the size of a basketball) can knock someone back a meter or so. 

[ Density Manipulation ] Able to change the density of the bubbles at will.  

[ Deoxygenation ] When one is imprisoned in a bubble, air can be sucked out, leaving the victim to slowly run out of air and suffocate. 

Bullet; Blue The movement of the bubbles cannot be controlled by mind:
 After the initial wave of the wand, they just move at their own pace and float around by themselves. 
Bullet; Blue Requires a tremendous amount of concentration: 
She tends to combine her abilities together, especially the manipulation of each bubble's density. It's easier to just make them all the same density and change them all at the same time- but this risks allies accidentally popping a bubble and getting hurt. Therefore she requires a tremendous amount of concentration to coordinate the density of each individual bubble. 
    e.g if an ally was near a low density bubble, she can increase its density so that they bounce off from the bubble. 
If she suddenly gets startled, all the bubbles can pop simultaneously. 
Bullet; Blue The size of the bubbles depend on on casting time: 
The bigger the bubble the longer the casting time/ blowing into the bubble wand.
Bullet; Blue Overall her abilities don't deal much damage and aren't very offensive. She could make the bubbles rock hard and throw them, or even whack people with her bubble wand, but she does not have the physical strength create much damage.

Club: Gardening

Partner: tba
Team: tba


[+] Patient | Determined | Dependable | Honest | Gentle | Compassionate | 
[o] Realist 
[-] Meek | Timid | Fearful | Hesitant | Doormat

Tomoko is someone with an abundance of patience, she can tolerate all kinds of people and hardly (if ever) gets angry or annoyed. This makes her very forgiving and can look past all the mistakes that someone has done to her. It also means that she is highly sensitive to other's feelings and tend to worry about them, be it someone close or a total stranger. 

However, she is rather quiet and submissive, making it easy to impose on her and take advantage because she finds it very difficult to say no. Like a mouse, she's easily frightened and shy, which makes it hard for her to make friends as she lacks courage to talk to people first.

All in all, she is neither a pessimist or an optimist. She sees the world as it is and accepts it the way it is. Doing so helps her to live peacefully without any expectations, but this also means that she is not inclined to change anything (or even herself) for the better.

Likes: Cats | Baked goods | Quiet/ Peaceful Moments | The little things in life | Cute things | Horror films
Dislikes: Crowded places | Sounds in the dark | Being at the centre of attention | Public Speaking | Large scary things (like dogs) 



Additional information

Bullet; Blue Her shoes add 1inch to her height (5'0)
Bullet; Blue She actually wanted to sign up for cooking club, but she's scared of the teacher. 
Bullet; Blue She's rather clumsy and somehow cuts herself a lot (especially when she's gardening) 
Bullet; Blue She keeps a small tin of coloured bandaids with her


Family: Mother, Father, Maternal Grandfather, Cat. 

Greetings everyone! Just a lil heads up,
I'll be going on holiday from July 20- Aug 6 so I won't be able to reply to rps or anything!


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Hi. Thank you for visiting. (:

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