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[Transyre] Zen(n) by Tree-kun
[Transyre] Zen(n)
Those aren't real leaves it's fabric ok. For camouflage-- mainly aesthetic.

|†|  "I just want to find my cat."  |†|




GENDER: Female


AGE: 21


WEIGHT: 58kg

OCCUPATION: Hunter / Part-time General Shop help (wherever she's needed) 


WISDOM:  11 / 20 Good
RESOLVE:  7 / 20 Average

STRENGTH:  13 / 20 Intermediate
DEXTERITY:  11 / 20 Good
MAGIC:  1 / 20 You are terrible, oh my god

PRESENCE:  8 / 20 Average
INFLUENCE:  7 / 20 Average   


STRENGTHS & SKILLS: Zen worked multiple jobs, mostly to do with manual labour because her academic background isn't so great. This has allowed her to build up her strength and stamina to be able to work through long hours without exhausting herself to death. She is also ambidextrous- she was born with a dominant left hand but her parents trained her to use her right hand, this also means that she can multi-task very well. It may also come as a surprise but Zen(n) is pretty good at cooking, sewing and cleaning- as they are necessary skills that she needed to live out on her own. 

WEAKNESSES: Zen has a short fuse and is easily provoked and will fight anyone who crosses her. She can also be very impatient and tend to rely on brawns over brains, jumping into situations using violence instead of talking. She absolutely has no charm or tact due to this and often gets into arguments or fist fights with people. 

Weapon 1:
Spiked Brass Knuckles / Knuckledusters
Weapon 2: Hunting Knife 


At first glance Zen might seem like a decent, maybe even quiet fellow. The kind of person who seems rather laidback and relaxed, quite friendly too and easy to get along with. However... one push of a button and she will flip a table. As a person with little patience and zero tolerance for bullshit, violence is her answer to almost everything. Anger management is an issue and it'll take beating someone up, destroying something... or cats... to calm her down. To top it off, she can be really gross and vulgar too (Kidd can attest to that).

But all is not lost, Zen is an inherently good person, with a caring side that shows itself at unexpected moments. It's easy to get on her good side, you treat her nice and she'll do the same for you, simple as that.

She is also aware of her hot head and makes attempts to stay calm and out of trouble.. most of the time.


Zen had a good start in life. Born to a good household, good neighbourhood and good but strict parents, she lived comfortably. However, like most kids, a phase of rebellion started when she hit her teens and never got out of it. Once a straight A student at Elementary school, her grades pummelled as she got mixed up in the wrong crowd. Despite being sent to an all girl's school, nothing changed  and from middle school to high school, she did nothing but skip class and start fights with her 'girl gang.'

At some point she got into a disagreement with the others and ended up being kicked out, beaten and isolated from everyone else. She hit a new low in her life, and she would've ended it too if a stranger hadn't talked some sense into her. Changing her ways was hard but she managed to finish high school, just barely scraped through before being kicked out of home at 18 because she was deemed a horrible role model towards for younger brother.

Since then she's been working multiple part-time jobs, trying to make it to 'tomorrow,' towards that better life.

However.. that life was difficult to reach. But, the journey there was eased when one day a stray cat that decided to freeload at her dingy flat. Despite the rocky start of their relationship, for once she had something to look forward everyday when coming home. But fate was cruel and the cat disappeared as quickly as he appeared and she was thrown in despair. In her desperation, and exhaustion from searching for him non-stop, she fell for a teenage prank who directed her towards the Dodona forest where her cat was 'last seen.'


TEAM/PARTNERS: Partner - Benji

LIKES: Cats, Having a good time, Karaoke, Relaxing
DISLIKES: Losing her temper, Annoying people, Kids, Pretty faces, Things she can't hit


  • Easily flattered/ flustered at compliments
  • Has not had any magical contact and never believed in super natural things before
  • 3 piercings in her left ear, 1 on  her right ear. She takes the rings off when she goes out to the forest. 
  • Secretly protective of her partner he's a baby
Benji "Star boy" - friend/ partner
Kidd "Nugget" - best?? friend
"Good kid" Mason - friend
Yuri - Benji's friend


CHATROOM AVAILABILITY: what is sleep lol (OL almost 24hrs) 
IM AVAILABILITY: skype (preferred/fastest reply), notes, comments..ect
SKYPE NAME: ask me / when adding me please tell me who you are lol


As Zen tackled her hunt to the ground and pinned it down, her face was suddenly pushed away with tiny hands and for a moment she was hit with confusion. "What the fuck-" Forcing her face to look at him she examined what she caught.  Where did this little kid come from?? Where's her dinner??

She watched him struggle for a moment unamused, then looked up around them. Her kill must have run away or something. That was frustrating. Looking back down at the squirming boy, she addressed him in a monotonous voice.

"Oi. Kid."



Her cat:

Balloon Hearts by Tree-kun
Balloon Hearts
Uhh- I made a relationship chart /RP tracker (kind of) for Tomoko
If anyone wants to you can make a copy of it or whatever (just file > make a copy). Tried to make it in the same style as the group's (ask me if u need help with anything-) 

ALSO- Please rp w/me she needs more friends ahaha
Note me for skype (which is my preference) but I also like Google Docs and

:new: There's a blank chart on the second sheet (the tab to switch is at the bottom) for Otsepheria member's use! I put down the image dimensions that would fit in the boxes and also left the images I used for Tomoko. I suggest using an image host like gyazo for image url then use this formula: 
[SM] Piggyback by Tree-kun
[SM] Piggyback
Exp. no0037

Another scene from Black History RP that I managed to squeeze in before deadline
This is after they battled with the humans so they're actually covered in blood. 
Blood vers.
(Also after Jack gets the chills from being in close contact with someone else lol )

Jack (c) chaisuke 
Zee (c) me


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi. Thank you for visiting. (:

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